Our melons are still growing, but we are hoping to have several varieties of cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon. Pumpkins get planted in June for our fall harvest, and we have about 50 different varieties (think unique heirloom pumpkins) going into the field for this season! 

Watermelons and Melons

If you haven't had a watermelon fresh from the field, you don't know what you are missing! There is a crispness and sweetness to the fruit you just won't find in stores. We look forward to these every year! We'll have extra large watermelons and smaller watermelons (all with seeds, but the seeds mean you are getting the best fruit there is!).

We will also have cantaloupe and honeydew. Vine-ripened fruit is some of the best there is, so make sure to grab some of these. We'll have a few different varieties with slightly different flavor profiles this year (and all absolutely delicious!).

Pumpkin Field


Early fall brings everything pumpkin, and pumpkins we will have! From teeny tiny to giant, our fields will be planted (and hopefully teeming) with many pumpkin varieties in all shapes and sizes. Stop by to grab some pumpkins and take some gorgeous fall photos. We'll have some hay bales set up with some of our best pumpkins for the perfect fall photo shoot!