First up this 2022 season are strawberries! We have Sweet Charlie and Chandler varieties in the field. We are doing are best to have enough strawberries for everyone, so our opening times will vary based on the weather and how picked out the field is. Please check social media for any updates before coming out or feel free to give us a call or text to check if we've got plenty of berries for picking.

Our strawberries are grown without herbicides or insecticides (we need those beneficial bugs as natural pest control), and we use natural fertilizers like fish emulsion to give the berries nutrients and help deter deer. The berries taste delicious (we have four serious little strawberry eaters in our house who all approve)! U-pick strawberries are $20 per gallon and pre-picked strawberries are $24 per gallon. If you would like pre-picked strawberries, you must contact us in advance and set a time for pick up as we only pick to order.

We are selling strawberries by the gallon only to make things as simple as possible. You must pick in our buckets, and if you return the bucket, we will give you a free sunflower as a thank you during our summer flower u-pick. 

No pets are allowed in the strawberry field (with the exception of service animals with advance notice).

Watermelons and Melons

If you haven't had a watermelon fresh from the field, you don't know what you are missing! There is a crispness and sweetness to the fruit you just won't find in stores. We look forward to these every year! We'll have extra large watermelons and smaller watermelons (all with seeds, but the seeds mean you are getting the best fruit there is!).

We will also have cantaloupe and honeydew. Vine-ripened fruit is some of the best there is, so make sure to grab some of these. We'll have a few different varieties with slightly different flavor profiles this year (and all absolutely delicious!).

Pumpkin Field


Early fall brings everything pumpkin, and pumpkins we will have! From teeny tiny to giant, our fields will be planted (and hopefully teeming) with many pumpkin varieties in all shapes and sizes. Stop by to grab some pumpkins and take some gorgeous fall photos. We'll have some hay bales set up with some of our best pumpkins for the perfect fall photo shoot!